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I am not an expert poet, yet the first few things I loved writing were poems. Poems are the way in which have put my feeling  out to the world.

The first poem I wrote was Life in my 9th grade, that may not be the actual first poem yet it was the first one I kept in record. The poems I wrote before that where just written to be forgotten.

Hope you would love the poems I publish here.


Silent nights

The silent nights,
Filled with darkness.
The lyrics that I feel,
As the music runs along.

The letters I type,
Lost in the thoughts.
To fill the screen with words,
That create a frictional world.

The world where I can,
Make you just a character.
Not the heart beats,
That once you where…

– Lonely Heart

Smile near to you

Couldn’t fill your smile in my eyes,

Yet a smile which is so yours,

A smile that makes you smile,

The smile that shares your blood.
The thoughts of knowing Your;

 where abouts? rolled every second.

 ‎Yet my week heart could,

 ‎with the fear of hurting you.
My hearts filled with joy,

Just by spending few minutes,

Along with someone near to you,

If it was you, I would have been in sky.

Connected Heart

Words were not spoken for ages,
Yet the separation that made me cry.
The heart that felt the pain,
The irritation created within my mind.

Neither did i Stalk you,
Form morning till evening.
Nor a tweety bird tweeted,
Yet your where about was known.

The pain that I felt with in,
As a reason after all.
The hearts that connected,
Even miles apart from each other.

-Lonely heart

Long lost love

Eventho your no where in my life,
The little things that reminds me of you,
Brings a smile with a delightful heart,
That your happy somewhere far from me.

The stranger who taped his feet,
With the bordom as he travelled,
Brings a blush as i feel the taps
Of your toes in a boring lucture class.

The lunch breaks with laughter,
friends all around yet the lonely eatter,
On the coroner table pulls my attention,
With those inocent eyes similar to yours.

Every curved lips that passes by,
Makes mine smile back without a thought,
Reminds the feelings once that took over me,
As I was lost in the adorable smile you owned.

-lonely Heart

Blue Sky

The blue skies 
Clear and calm 
The sun with a smile,
Glad with the wet Earth.

The dark clouds few minutes ago,
Cried their heart out.
With a desire to love again,
Forgetting the broken past.

Earth was pleased as good friend,
Who listened to cries, offering a shoulder.
Sun that knew his ignorance,
Was enough for the dark clouds to move on.

The brightened blue sky that smiles,
With the new beginning that awaits.
The sun and earth that smiles,
With the deep breath with smiling clouds.


The innocent smile

The thought that travel in my mind,
Seeing the curved lips on your lovely face,
the one that showcases the world,
A sign of of the innocence in her smile.

With every giggle she giggles,
The the voice that hits her ears,
I wonder and wish altogether,
To be on the other side of that phone call.

A joke that flashes brings a smile,
Playing a slide show of her smile.
With a desire to share it with her,
Yet the shyness drowns me with in my heart.

The glance that I wait for,
For the eyes to meet.
Yet those pale days,
With no sign of of her around.

The thought that blinds me,
Dawn to dusk kills me,
With the fear that is hidden,
Of never expressing my love to her.

-Lonely Heart


*Blue Sky Tag* Blog Challenge

A true writer can never stop falling in love with words that touch the heart, The same way I met Nikki    💚💛 a fellow blogger and a fabulous writer… An angel who nominated me to the “Blue Sky Tag” Blog Challenge… her blog is even more colour full with beautifully penned word with url http://nikkistalk.blogspot.in, (Nikki’s Talk) use this url like a key to Inspiring words…

“The Blue Sky Tag” is simple and effective way to connect the bloggers who love sharing, were you have to share answers the eleven questions about your self which the fellow blogger who tagged you want to know… Thanks Nikki for tagging me… The gift doesn’t end there but you have a chance to tag eleven more blogger who can feel pride to answer your question… for the circle to repeat with never ending turns….

So let me start with the interesting questions penned beautiful by Nikki…

  1. What’s that one perfect word to describe yourself?

Crazy, I am sure my friends would agree with me as this crazy writer your reading makes all of them go nuts with the craziness that runs through my vines. There isn’t been a day when there hasn’t  been a crazy incident in my life with root cause being me.

  1. If you could use Harry Potter magic spells in real life, what’s that one spell you would use the most?

‘Piertotum Locomotor’ The spell to bring in animate objects to life…. I love reading novels, wonder how nice it would be to bring my favourite character to life. Not only the novels I read but also the characters I write… 😉

  1. If you can change your name, what name would you think is perfect for you?

‘Angel’ because I always want to be an angel, how nice is it to live for others and spread happiness.

  1. What was the last lie you told?

‘Happy birthday Ashwini’  It’s a half lie not full. Last week 15th jun two of my friends had birthday’s one was Ashwini and other was my best friend Krishna who I was not talking to. I couldn’t control my emotions from wishing him happy birthday, so called him from landline but as soon as I heard his voice I couldn’t control my helpless ness with the truth that he broke my trust so I told “Happy birthday Ashwini” instead of wishing him for his birthday. I wish I was not so helpless on that day.

  1. What was the first feedback on your blog? From whom you got that?

“Good Bhargavi, go ahead. Alarm bussed should be corrected as buzzed. Latter should be corrected as Later. Overall good story”

Hehe, yep that was the first comment from my Good Friend Naveen (DK). Stupid Dyslexia I own, I can’t make out spellings and spoil my story. Without these friends of mine who correct my spellings and grammar I am nothing of a writer. Not only Naveen but every one of them who are my editors… :P.. Love you my dear IDIOTS my life is nothing without you people…

  1. What cheers you up?

There are three things in life that cheers me up,

  • Writing: writing always lets me cool my mood and think straight. From the time I remember I have always written my heart out and it as always helped me cool down.

  • Prathiksha: My Closest Friend from past 7 years. She knows what to say me when my mood is upset. She is my Angel whom I could disturb at any time of the day, yet she there for me. I can’t imagine my life without her… My soul sister, my sister from another mother. Words are less to describe her importance in my life…

  • My Drug: My drug is not some compound of chemistry, but it’s a person from biology. I don’t know why but his voice and his smile can make me forget the biggest of pain. But I know how drugs are harmful he is to me, because his feelings are not same as I have from him. Yet that drug is effective to cheer me up with just busy now message.

  1. What was your first thought when you wake up this morning?

Wish I would have answered this some other day, but I am not sure if I will get the time I am having today to write so let me go on…

“Idiot, people say thanks for dedicating a story for them, but you stupid pissed me off with your messages for doing so! Who else can I dedicate the story too, it’s about the friendship between two best friends who are a boy and a girl, you may have many best friend who are girls, but for me you’re the only one, all other friends who are boys never made it to that special place.”

This was my thought to start with after getting reply on the message “Removed your name in dedication”  as “oK” by my drug.

The dedication was for the story “Confused in Love” in the following link: https://www.kahaniya.com/s/confused-in-love .

Hope some day I am good enough for people to let me dedicate it to them…

  1. Have you ever wished for switching lives with someone else? Who is that?

I can’t say her name sorry, but it’s my Drug’s girlfriend because she gets to see him more than me, she gets to hold his hand and everything but most off all because I can let him message me sweetly as he once use too. She has not stopped him from doing so as she is a good girl. Yet the distance between us two as increased from 2015 when she became close to him, I have no problem with their relationship just wish I could have the friend once I had… It hurts me that I have not seen him from past year or even more…

Even one day in her life is enough for me so I could see his smile once more…

  1. Shark diving, Bungee jumping or skydiving?

Skydiving, the feel of being in the air make me go crazy and happy. I will say more after I do that once in my life for sure….

  1. Who inspire you? Who do you aspire to be?

“ISSAC NEWTON” I have read his life story, and always have been inspired by it, his father died before he was born his mother left him with his grandmother life threw many obstacles at him yet he rose to be the “Father of physics”.

I aspire to be a writer who could touch hearts… it’s a long way to go for sure with my dyslexia and other barriers of life. Yet I aspire to rise up just like Newton to be a great writer.

  1. Tell me the 2 best things about you1

  • I am a big fat nature love.

  • Can never so no for helping anyone. Even if I know that person will never be grateful for me after the help I help them… It has been harmful yet I love doing it…


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Questions for you to answer:

  1. At what age did the writing bug bit you?

  2. Which is you most adorable post on your blog and why?

  3. Do you have a pen name? if yep what is it and why? If not what do you want your pen name to be?

  4. Is grammar and spellings more important than the content in writing?

  5. Why do you write?

  6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

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  9. What would you chose: Being a best writer/blogger or being a billionaire?

  10. Who is that one person you can never live without?

  11. Give a brief about your blog…

Thank you,

-Lonely heart…